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Immorium are not a band for the close minded. Founded in 2007 Immorium are a melodic death metal band hailing from the cool climate of Canberra, Australia.

Founding members Jared Williams and Chris 'Dutch' Vandermark began making music together in the winter of 2007, later taking on bassist Nick McCauley and vocalist Chris ‘Christo’ Todd.

After a two year hiatus the band recruited Dan Norton as a second guitarist and began writing new material in 2013. By early 2015 Immorium recorded, produced and launched their debut album, 'Universum’.

Universum is the band’s most ambitious and collaborative song-writing project to date. The band has reached new heights of musicianship and composition to really explore the substance of their genre and content base. No two songs are the same; varying in length, tempo, key and complexity, proving that no ground is untouchable for the likes of Immorium.

Drawing musical influence from a varied range of genres and styles such as Wolfheart, Insomnium, Soilwork and Arch Enemy, Immorium combine brutal faced-paced riffing with melodic musicality and a head banging groove. This unique, diverse sound appeals to various different music tastes, offering listeners a full spectrum of emotive music

Their lyrics explore philosophical ideologies and concepts that touch on conspiracy theories.

The band’s firm and creative line up, in addition to their unique sounds and conceptual lyrics, have helped create for them a solid local fan-base in Canberra and surrounds; you’ll often catch them on stage at local venues around the city.

Sharing the stage and supporting some of Australia's premier bands, Immorium have played alongside Be'lakor, Orpheus Omega, Claret Ash, The Seer, Hadal Maw, Daemon Pyre, Voyager, Rise of Avernus, Daysend, Deprivation, Disentomb, Frankenbok, Anno Domini, Aeon of Horus, In Malices Wake, and Templestowe.